The Direct Philanthropy Initiative promotes trust—trust in the work of local community leaders. And trust that their work can lead to lasting, systemic change.

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Decades of experience has taught us the ingredients for “successful” projects:

Local answers are vital

Local answers are vital to true success. This is because local answers are informed by history, culture and a deep knowledge how things work. Local answers touch the root issues in a way that outside ideas often can’t. Large institutions capture large funding, but their understanding often misses the local wisdom.

Leaders look like locals

The idea that poor people, ethnic minorities, or women are not capable of leading is false. Resilience is a powerful force, and disadvantaged groups adapt and persist in places where other groups would break.

Shifting decision-making shifts everything

Shifting the decision making power and financial resources to the local level (where they are most needed) is one of the most effective ways to make long-lasting change.

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