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To complement the Direct Philanthropy Starter Kit, we are curating a range of interactive events. These events are designed to give you the chance to ask questions, hear from others and even participate in a little direct philanthropy yourself. Scroll down to read more about current events, or sign up to get new events delivered directly to your inbox.

Wait. What Just Happened?!

Date: Thu, November 11, 2021
Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM CST
Presented By: Move 92

During this interactive storytelling event, participants will get the opportunity to hear real-life stories about philanthropy that will make you go “Whoa, that’s incredible!” and some will have you saying “Yikes, I hope that doesn’t happen again!”

We will be joined by four local leaders from four different countries, who will share stories of their own experiences working with philanthropists to support their community. This event is for anyone who currently engages in philanthropy, or is thinking about beginning their philanthropic journey, and wants to learn more about how this can be done from a trust-based approach.

At the beginning of each story, the storyteller will pose a question to the audience, which you will get to discuss in small groups with other event participants. This will give you an opportunity to connect and network with other participants, and share your own experiences relating to the theme of each story.

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Biking for Burma Fund-Athalon

Date: Sat, October 17, 2021
Time: All day
Presented By: Partners Asia

To show the people of Burma that we stand with them. And to support the work of the folks on the ground who doing heroic things to serve their communities. Living safely right now is not easy for the people of Burma. And serving the needs of the people around you can be both isolating and dangerous.

But Partners Asia is still there supporting local leaders on the ground—even when many other aid organizations have left the country. Partners Asia forms long-term relationships with local leaders who are doing the hard work to serve their communities. These relationships span decades, and they give an essential sense of hope.

The Biking for Burma Fund-Athalon will raise funds to provide support for things like meals for people in refugee camps, medical supplies, and activities for kids. But it's also helping cultivate lasting friendships…which are often the difference between having the hope to continue doing what your community needs, or giving up in frustration.

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An Intimate Fireside Chat about Philanthropy

Date: TBA
Presented By: DPI

As the days get longer, you'll have the chance to settle in for an intimate fireside chat with a couple of philanthropists who have been using this model of direct philanthropy for decades, reaching some of the most difficult and hardest-to-reach communities. It'll be a time to to ask questions, share your fears and doubts, and meet other people who are also interested in starting their Direct Philanthropy journey.

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